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When I was starting my own brick-and-mortar training center, I wanted to find an inexpensive way to display my logo as a large sticker. The problem was, buying stickers to put together was time consuming, and the fonts were as trendy as I needed. Ordering them from a local printer’s shop was not entirely out of the question either, but I still hunted online. And then I found out about, a website that lets you print out entire paragraphs of text as a decal. You can choose the size and font, also.

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Kids come with a lot of responsibility – and also a lot of stuff!  While we expect them to have bottles, diapers, toys, and books, somehow we forget about all the clothes. When they start out the clothes are tiny, but then the first growth spurt hits and now we have tiny clothes in 4 different sizes.  The older they get the more clothes they seem to acquire, and the less space we seem to have.