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I kept seeing the ads for it on Facebook, so finally I thought, “what the hell, let’s see what this is all about.”

Surprise – it’s actually pretty cool.

My Social Book takes a date range that you specify, and turns your Facebook wall into a beautiful hard bound book. 

The price ranges depending on how many pages you end up with. Page number is determined by the date range you choose, and how many actual posts you have in that range. The amount of pages you will end up with is also determined by how many comments you want printed, if any.

Here’s what you can customize when you purchase your book:

  1. The date range of wall posts to include
  2. Include only your posts, or posts by others on your wall
  3. All comments, just 5 comments, just 20 comments, or no comments at all
  4. The cover profile pic of you
  5. The larger cover photo
  6. The color of the cover and inside pages of your book (it’s a nice range of choices, I chose pink)
  7. The quote on the back of the book.

I did this because I would much rather hand this over to Zoe as a keepsake of what our family life was like than the alternative… a 2 terabyte hard drive of photos, in which there is NO captions, and she’ll have to scrounge to find the cute pictures of her while simultaneously filtering out the instagram food shots and hundreds of pictures of the word “boobies” scrawled on our friends’ car windshields.

Now, I have a wonderful keepsake in which she can see our life, including all our snowstorms, neighborhood cookouts, and read all the wonderful things that people have said about her over the years.

It does give you the option to filter out certain posts, though going through each one would certainly be a drag. I didn’t have to do this, already knowing the types of posts I make on Facebook. I was perfectly comfortable with everything I’ve been posting over the years.

The entire process took about 10 minutes, and I had my book in less than 2 weeks.

We’ve already spent hours going over it together with Zoe, she loves it. I think she’ll love it even more when she’s older. It will also give her a glimpse of me. Who I am, what I was like when she was young,  and how proud of her I always was (and still am!).

Here’s some photos of the actual book. It’s arranged yearbook-style by month.

I caught a good sale and ended up with a 500 page book for about $60, though it would certainly have cost more if it wasn’t on sale. Knowing it was for Zoe, however, it was still worth it to me. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try!

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