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When I was starting my own brick-and-mortar training center, I wanted to find an inexpensive way to display my logo as a large sticker. The problem was, buying stickers to put together was time consuming, and the fonts were as trendy as I needed. Ordering them from a local printer’s shop was not entirely out of the question either, but I still hunted online. And then I found out about, a website that lets you print out entire paragraphs of text as a decal. You can choose the size and font, also.

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While going to client’s offices to get them up to speed on the latest computer techniques, many of them would often ask me to see if there was anything I could do to get the PC to go just even a little bit faster. “Please”, they’d beg. “From the time it takes to click “Start” until the time it takes to get to my programs, I could have written one by now.”