Welcome to Solace Learning. My name is Jess Stratton. Here you’ll find organizing tips, computer learning tips, updates on my training videos from, and other news. I like to learn new things, go indoor climbing, and autocross my MINI Cooper S, which I also like to talk about. A lot.

I speak at industry conferences, and local clubs on technology. I’m also an organizing addict, so I tend to write about that often. I live in a small house, so streamlining is a necessity, not just a hobby. There’s always a better way to do things.

I also love teaching people that there’s better ways to do things on their computers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone’s eyes light up when they learn how to do something new that will help them save time, or keep moving forward with their projects or lives.

Let me give you Solace. Everything will be OK. We’ll do it together.