Matt Richter – vocals, drums


Matt Richter – vocals, drums

Matt found drums in 5th grade in Portsmouth RI.

“Fantastic musicians came thru there…and ME! Hah!”.

First, he shedded wood with rock band: BENEFIT. Mucus Wave hit the shores of Aquidneck Island in 1980 while Matt was drumming in Eurorectal Septum.

After the tide went out; Top 40 band: ASIS and the enigmatic Newport blues troupe; The Bayside Rhythm Kings.

“I Moved to Boston, played College Band, Concert, Pep and Stage, at NU.”

Went back to the blues with Blue Fever and also alt.rocked with Boston’s The Stereotypes.

“The nightclub scene was a nightmare…the smoke…the day job. 😀  Hey, drummers gotta eat!”

Then he took a 10 year hiatus to study hand drums with Nuru Dafina Pili Abena, in Boston.

“Nuru’s School of Universal Vibrations changed the way I see the world of music.”

After changing professions and starting his family he moved back from Houston to RI in 2005.

Playing with The Loading Doctors, Critical Mass, Ambonia, The Bus, MeccaLilly, Stolen Jones, Westport Connection, The Jerktones, MGB Project and True Humans before becoming The Strattones first drummer.

Matt can also be found performing year-round with The RI Highlanders Bagpipe Band.

“Plaid is the new Black, Slainte!”