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I am very excited! In just a few days, I’ll be seeing all my friends that I love so dear and speaking at IAmLug.

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I used to have reoccurring nightmares about attics.


They were always different attics, and there was always stairs leading up to them, but they were always scary, scary places. Dark, full of cobwebs and junk, and in my dream, I was always going to live up there and was terrified about it.

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I”m at the point in my life where I”m pretty much willing to spend anything if it will solve a major problem for me that affects the quality of my life.

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As a new mom, I recently ballooned from my regular wardrobe to maternity clothes, back down to larger-than-my-old-size until I finally arrived again at my pre-pregnancy weight. My wardrobe situation was in dire straits. There wasn’t enough room for ALL of it at once, I had no idea what actually fit me at the current time, and I was just plain getting sick of all my clothes.