About Our Employees

Rest easy – all of Simply Spotless Cleaning Company’s employees are hand-picked based on their credentials and knowledge of the professional cleaning industry.

We provide extensive training in ALL areas of cleaning so you know your home or office is in good hands at all times. Our employees are trained with a broad knowledge of the proper products to use as well as cleaning techniques.

Did you know Simply Spotless Cleaning Company runs background checks on each employee before hiring, and then periodically as a condition of their employment?

Did you know Simply Spotless Cleaning Company is fully insured and bonded?

Did you know there will always be a crew leader at every home or office at every cleaning that is responsible for overseeing your account?

And finally, did you know that all our employees are prompt, cordial, and able to answer any cleaning questions you may have while on site?

Simply Spotless Cleaning Company is a dependable, trustworthy and reliable company – you can count on us!