Come see me at IAmLug and learn How to Be a Productive Remote Worker!


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I am very excited! In just a few days, I’ll be seeing all my friends that I love so dear and speaking at IAmLug.

How To Be a Productive Remote Worker

Have you been given the ability to work from home or a mobile environment? This session will give you tried and true strategies for keeping you, your employers, your family, your desk, and your body happy when you’ve been given the chance to telecommute. Learn which cloud software can allow you to work from anywhere, and ease the transition from being in the office to being in your home.

This session will be lots of fun to give, and I hope everyone walks away inspired to get back to work.

In addition, I have three of these bad boys to give away – a 1-month premium gift subscription to! That’s full access to the entire site, exercise files, and closed-captioning. I believe one of these will be a giveaway at the closing session of the conference.

If you’ll be at IAmLug, I’ll be speaking at Monday at 3:15PM. I hope to see you there!

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