I am now a full-time Staff Author for the Business segment at lynda.com!


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As many of you know, last June I released my first training video for lynda.com, a learning site which contains a massive online video training library. The course is Up and Running with Lotus Notes, and is a start-to-finish guide for a new user to learn how to use the 8.5.3 Notes client. There are multiple chapters, and each chapter contains five-minute videos which show precisely how to complete each task.

A few months back, I submitted some new outlines for more courses, and not long after that, I received a wonderful offer to come work for lynda.com full-time.

I accepted, and as of November 26, 2012, I will be a full-time Staff Author for Business at lynda.com.

I have been working for myself for ten years, and yet everything about lynda.com is so right, that I already feel like I’ve been working for them for quite some time. The people are wonderful. The company’s video training software library offering is second to none. Did I mention the people are wonderful? It’s a passionate, cutting-edge, hard-working company, and I am so proud to be a part of it now in an official capacity.

Here’s the best part: I get to keep doing what I already do – learn how to use new, exciting software applications, and then teach others how to make their lives better and easier by using it.

I will still be submitting abstracts to LUGs and getting to see you all at conferences. I will probably even have free 7-day trial passes to lynda.com to hand out so you can see for yourself how extensive the library is!

Over the years, you’ve all been on the cutting edge of software, social networks, and the latest technology trends. Please, don’t stop posting, blogging and tweeting about new stuff. This is how I keep up so I can teach it!

In the future, expect posts about new course releases from me, and more cool things to come (teaser: a weekly video column could be in the works ­čÖé┬á).

So here’s to new beginnings, a great new job, and a recording booth being put in my home sometime in the near future. Yes, you read that right!

By the way, if you aren’t already, I highly recommend becoming a Facebook fan of lynda.com. Every so often, for a small period of time, fans can watch certain videos for free. This week, you can watch iPad Music Production: GarageBand.

In the meantime, if you don’t see me online, I am most likely cleaning my basement to prepare for the in-house recording booth. If you don’t hear from me in twelve hours…


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