A Call for Action – Please Help Me Achieve my Fund Raising Goal!


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Dear friends, I need your help!

As many of you know, I volunteer many, many hours to a local non-profit in my community, Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (www.southernrivol.org). SRIV acts as an agency for volunteer placements for places such as museums, shelters, disaster preparedness, etc. They also host all local elderly services such as Meals on Wheels, elder visits, medical transports, etc.

As well as supporting their internal desktop computers and technology, I am also on the committee that plans all our fund-raising events for the year. I have personally helped plan a bowling event titled “Bowled Over for Southern Rhode Island Volunteers” that we have put on for the past SIX years. This is an event I feel personally responsible for, as I am heavily involved in its production.

This year I can’t be at the event because I will be in Belgium speaking at BLUG (the Belux Lotus User Group).

Because I can’t be there (and I actually feel quite terrible about leaving lots of work for everyone else at what should be my event I am responsible for), I have decided I can try to make it up by raising funds for the event.

I am going to personally try to raise $500 for Southern Rhode Island Volunteers.

Yes – this post has a point. Yes, I am about to go all Sally Struthers on your collective asses.

This is where I need your help:

If I have ever helped fix your computer for free, if I have ever helped support your fund raisers, if you have ever found a tip I have posted online somewhere useful, if you’ve ever not come to one of my fund raising events because you got a better offer (ha), here’s your chance to pay me back.

Simply go here and in the designation field, type “JESS BOWLING” so we can track the amount.

The good news is, this is not going to a faceless organization somewhere you can’t track it. The money is going directly to my community. It will pay for gas to get an elderly person to their doctors appointment. It will pay for office supplies, and it will pay for food for meals on wheels. It will also help pay for real equipment for us, so maybe for next year’s bowling event we can have real signs instead of handmade ones.

THANK YOU!  Please help me raise $500!

UPDATE: I raised $594 to help our local volunteers who work so hard THANK YOU!

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