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I”m at the point in my life where I”m pretty much willing to spend anything if it will solve a major problem for me that affects the quality of my life.

One area that needed vast improvement was always seeing a shopping list on an ugly scrap of paper on the right side of my kitchen counter near the phone. That paper was ALWAYS there – cluttering up the view, reminding me of things I that needed to be done, things I needed to get, and a constant reminder on my counter that there was always more to be done. If I didn”t have a pen on hand, the item couldn”t be added to the grocery list, and it would be forgotten by the time I finally hunted one down from my office.

Then there was the fact that there was only ever one copy of “The List” (as I called it). If I brought The List(tm) with me on errands but didn”t manage to get to grocery shopping, The List(tm) got forgotten until I found it three days later in shreds as I pulled my jeans from the dryer. If I sent my husband to work with The List(tm) but found I had time to shop myself, then he had to text me the contents of The List(tm). Don”t even get me started on what happens when an item on The List(tm) isn”t in stock. Upon return home, The Old List(tm) could be thrown out, but we”d immediately have to create A New List(tm) to add back again the item that we couldn”t get.

Enter, a breath of fresh air – The Smart Shopper grocery list organizer, which attaches to your fridge and acts as a digital list keeper.

The Smart Shopper

The funny thing is, I can”t even say the phrase “Smart Shopper” without feeling like I have to add a number to the end of it, like the Robocop spoof ad “6000 Sux”, or SNL”s home shopping disaster, the “Bass-o-matic ”76″. So I think from here on in, even though it”s really just the Smart Shopper, I”m going to call it what it should be called – the Smart Shopper 2000.

The Smart Shopper 2000 is actually a voice activated list – you hit the “Record” button, say your item, such as “Skim milk”, “mac and cheese”, “dishwashing liquid”, etc. and it will add it to the list. BUT WAIT – there”s more! Here”s the best part about this list: it categorizes the items for you, so when you hit the “Print” button, it has your list all neatly categorized into departments such as: Errands, Dairy, Produce, Laundry, Frozen Foods, etc. No more running around from one end of the store to another while crossing items off your list.

Here”s another huge selling point for me – the ability to add custom items, and then give it a category. My bank is in my grocery store, so I always include “Deposit checks” on my shopping list. I custom typed the word in, then spoke it, and then gave it a category of “Errands.” Now, I can simply press Record, say “deposit checks” and it gets added to the list (which I can just print again if I accidentally run it through the dryer).

Finally, I can delete individual items, purge the entire list, or change quantities of items. The Smart Shopper 2000 comes with a thick book of recognized words, including such gems as “rectal cream” and “Depends”. Of course, when testing out voice recognition in your new Smart Shopper 2000, it may be necessary to walk by the fridge at odd hours, press a button, and slowly speak, “rrrrreeeeccctaaaaaaaaal creeeeeeem”.

( For those that currently own a Smart Shopper 2000, here”s one thing I did learn about the voice recognition to make it easier to get your item recognized the first time – while the recognition is still excellent, we used to have trouble on occasion getting it recognize certain items, such as “Half and Half”. Here”s the trick: it”s very reliant on consonants, so focus on making those clear. Press the record button and say “haFF anD haFF” and it”s perfect and quick. )

The Smart Shopper 2000 has made my life immensly easier – getting to look over and see a clean counter with no reminders of what daily tasks await me tomorrow – priceless. Occasionally having odd items appear on the list such as rectal cream and Depends, usually when I”m showing off the device to friends? Totally worth it still. Even with prankster husbands.

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