If these walls could talk… Now they can with decals!


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When I was starting my own brick-and-mortar training center, I wanted to find an inexpensive way to display my logo as a large sticker. The problem was, buying stickers to put together was time consuming, and the fonts were as trendy as I needed. Ordering them from a local printer’s shop was not entirely out of the question either, but I still hunted online. And then I found out about WiseDecor.com, a website that lets you print out entire paragraphs of text as a decal. You can choose the size and font, also.

The cost is per letter, though they have pre-built quotes already made in many fonts to choose from that are a little cheaper. Obviously if you can find a short quote you like, the better. To inspire you, they have an enormous photo gallery, in which the hardest decision I was facing was whether to risk overspending, or shut the computer off while I was still in the positives in my bank account.

I did end up getting the word “Solace” to stick on my announcement board for my shop. I have since taken it down where it now has permanent residence at Solace headquarters:


Anyway, one of the reasons I really like WiseDecor.com is that the website is obviously run and maintained by real people. I say this because let’s face it, sometimes online sites tend to lose the personal touch, where I felt it really stands out here. There are pictures of customer’s creations, along with a design of the week.

All you do is press the design firmly against the wall, and peel back the tape. To remove it, you simply put a hair dryer to it. The best thing about these wall decals is that they are not permanent. It’s amazing what that does to my imagination when I know that if I screw up, I can fix it.

They give you a sample word to test it out before you possibly ruin your real decal (another gold star for WiseDecor). I liked my test word so much I kept it. I figured every light switch needs the word “Love” above it.


I couldn’t resist the chance to put my favorite quote up on my bedroom wall. After all, it’s my favorite quote, it’s engraved on my wedding ring, and most importantly for WiseDecor, It’s Really Short.

You saw it at the beginning of the post, here’s how it looks in it’s entirety, so you can get a size idea.


What was your favorite quote from this site? Would you go with a pre-built one they came up with (which are all really nice) or do you have a favorite quote that could go somewhere in your house?

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