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On the third Thursday night of every month, the twelve-or-so of us women on my quiet little street gather at one of our houses for a night of gabbing, appetizers, and drinks. It’s especially great during the winter season, when no one is out on the street playing and we all go into hibernation mode.

Each month we meet at a different house (the street is about a 1/2 mile long with matching cul-de-sacs on each end, which makes walking home after each night of debauchery that much easier) and take the time to catch up, ask each other questions about parenting, and just laugh at the things we go through every day (“Sorry, Sarah, I know doing the whole ‘breakfast for dinner’ thing is an exciting novelty for the kids, but when you do it four times a week they’ll learn pretty fast that it’s just you not wanting to cook…”).

We’ve been doing this for about four years now.

How is this possible? Every year, the next year’s schedule gets mapped out at November’s girls night. We learned pretty early on that to say “This is fun, we should do this every month” means nothing unless you commit to actually DOING it every month. Here came the hard part. How do you coordinate something like that when not everyone has a PDA, or has their calendar with them?

You use a website called, which contains massive amounts of free calendar templates that are especially made for printing.

Here’s how I made them work for our monthly girl’s nights.

From the home page, go into Yearly Calendars. From there, choose Small Calendars, and then the year you want.

The Small Calendars is great because it prints out a block of four tiny year calendars, with enough room on the top and bottom when printed that you can still write on them.

In this case, estimate how many people will be there, divide by four, and print out that many pages. You’ll end up with this:

printfree printed

Now, once all your participants have calendars, pens, and you are all fed, loaded with alcohol and ready to plan next year’s girls night schedule, I feel I should warn you that it won’t be pretty.

“I can’t do July, because we always go to Block Island then. I can do June or August.”

“But the only months that Sharon can do is June, and the only one Kelly can do is August.”

“December is the worst month as it’s right before Christmas. Let’s give that one to Beth – she’s not here.”

“I can’t do it on March because our couches are getting cleaned and there will be nowhere to sit.”

“Don’t worry about that, we only stand around the island eating the whole time anyway…”

However, once all is said and done (usually three bottles of wine later), we end up with something like this, ready to go for January. The piece of paper is tiny and all nice and portable, so you can take your calendar home and update your own personal calendar accordingly.

the finished calendar

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