Did you know your car tells you which side the gas tank is on?


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So here we were, my husband and I, driving somewhere when he turns to me and says, “Oh, by the way, I heard somewhere that the gas gauge has an arrow on it telling you which side the tank is on.”

I looked. There it was. The WHOLE TIME I’ve owned the car, and that’s been there!

“STOP THE CAR!”, I practically shouted. “This has GOT to be the scoop of the century!”

(OK, so I didn’t make him stop the car. But I really do believe it IS the scoop of the century.)

Let’s examine Figure A:

While it may be a bit blurry (most likely due to my shaking with excitement at this phenomenal piece of information), you can indeed see that the arrow very clearly points to the left. And, if I exit my car, I can very clearly see that the gas tank is indeed, on the left.

My husband’s car has a tank with the arrow pointing to the right. Guess which side the tank is on?

So there you have it, folks. May I never again be red-cheeked by having to make that embarrassing gas-station U-turn while driving rental cars or when I’ve switched with my husband for the day.

Does anyone’s car NOT have this? What year, make, and model is it? Is there an import vs. domestic thing, or is it merely a convenience decided in each particular auto-maker’s boardroom?

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