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As a new mom, I recently ballooned from my regular wardrobe to maternity clothes, back down to larger-than-my-old-size until I finally arrived again at my pre-pregnancy weight. My wardrobe situation was in dire straits. There wasn’t enough room for ALL of it at once, I had no idea what actually fit me at the current time, and I was just plain getting sick of all my clothes.

Over the course of the year (my daughter just had her first birthday), I have picked up many tips from friends, store catalogs, and those addictive TV decorating/organizing shows. My wardrobe is now lean, mean, and tidy. Getting dressed every morning is actually fun and energizing again.

Here’s what I learned (and I have done all these personally):

1. Remove and donate all clothes that you don’t LOVE.

The first step to enjoying getting dressed every morning is actually putting on clothes that make you feel great. We all have five-year old outdated shirts hanging around in our closet. If you wear what you love, your confidence will make you look fantastic. (On a side note, the same rule goes for shopping; if you don’t love it, don’t buy it!) Clothes can be donated to Big Sisters/Big Brothers or your local Johnnycake Center.

2. Shuffle your existing clothes around in your closet.

I’m amazing at how many of us (myself included) always seem to put the same shirts in the same area of the shirt rack. Just for kicks one day I shuffled all the shirts around and put them in new places. I made sure not to put shirts next to each other that had previously always lived side by side. The results were staggering – I was making completely new outfits with shirts I had always glossed over for years. It’s the standard Post-It Note effect; when things stick around in the same place, we learn to ignore them.

3. Paint the inside of your closet.

A nice bright color will make your wardrobe or closet seem like an actual room. You’ll be amazed at how energized it will make you.

4. Buy a whole new wardrobe system.

This may sound extreme, but it’s probably not as expensive as you think. IKEA makes wonderful customized wardrobe systems that hold closets full of items. I bought one for my bedroom and assembled it with a built-in jewelry box, tiered shelves and baskets as a chest of drawers replacement, and storage compartments for my shoes.

5.Update the hardware on your existing closet.

A quick trip to your local hardware store will yield hundreds of door pulls, handles and knobs to choose from. Instead of sliding doors that only allow one side of your closet to be visible at once, consider changing to pull-out hinged doors. Do you want to get rid of your doors completely? Add an exotic look to your closet by using a curtain rod and drapes instead.

6. Hang pictures in your closet.

What better way to brighten your day than to look at a picture of things you love every time you open your closet? Unexpected smiles are priceless, these are the reasons picture frames were invented.

7. Re-organize your closet completely.

There’s always a way to do something better. Hardware stores carry complete shelving units, and most of them are customizable and easy swappable. Organizing all your clothes in a new way will allow you to see them in a new light.

8. Use new containers for organizing wallets, jewelry, glasses, etc.

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to contain only clothes. Allowing space for accessories will allow you to see them with your clothes. This will make creating an entire daily outfit easy and fun.

9. Go clothes shopping with someone else and have them pick the clothes for you to try on.

When we shop, we tend to go for the same type of items over and over again. My favorite clothes I have now were not picked by me – my husband is my best shopping partner presently. When we go into stores, he goes around and chooses clothes he thinks would look good on me, which are always completely different than what I would have picked. He also picks realistic sizes so the clothes fit well – we tend not to see ourselves as we really are!

10. Speaking of realistic sizes, get rid of everything that doesn’t fit NOW.

Ideally, your closet should contain only clothes that you can reach into, wear today and look great in – think of it as boutique shopping in your own closet. Keeping clothes around that don’t fit won’t allow you to look your best or feel your best. Don’t hang on to the past. Dress for the day every day.

Have you ever “shaken up” your wardrobe? Share your tips!

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