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It’s June 4, about 12:45PM. I am at a friend’s house, and she mentions something that reminds me of a task I need to accomplish. I whip out my cell phone, and hit speed dial #3. The phone answers after one ring.

Voice: “Who do you want to Jott?”

Me: “Myself”.

Voice: “Got it.”

Me: “Buy a baby shower gift for Karen before next week.”

Voice: “Got it. BEEEEEP”

I hang up my phone, and about five minutes later, I can see on my phone that I have an email waiting for me from Jott. The contents of the email? Buy a baby shower gift for Karen before next week. Transcription confidence: High.

A small, innocent looking free online service called Jott ( has saved me from my mountain of Post-it Notes that have turned into wallaper over the years. The premise is simple:


  1. Call Jott at 866-JOTT-123 (preferably put it into speed dial for maximum effectiveness).
  2. Tell Jott who you are jotting, and a 30-second brain dump of what the reminder is (to do item, note, cure for cancer, etc).
  3. Jott sends you a text message or email with a text transcription and audio recording.
  4. You can then let go mentally of your reminder and move on to other things.

When you sign up for Jott online, your phone number is your account number, and you are given a password. You can log in to your account and change your settings, such as which email the reminders get sent to.

Here’s some more cool things you can do with Jott ™:

1. Jott to someone else

If you have friends who are already on Jott, you can add them as contacts and send Jott messages to them. In fact, my husband is on Jott, and the two of us send “To do’s” to each other regularly.

Find out more about Jotting to someone else.

2. Jott to Amazon

This is great for power shoppers. When making a big purchase, I trust the people on Amazon. It’s a fact they are brutally honest folks. If product sucks, they’ll tell you exactly why. If it’s great, they’ll all be in agreement. The problem is, I don’t carry my laptop around with me when I’m shopping, and sometimes I have a choice between two products while I’m at the store, and need to make a decision. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out what the Amazon rating was while you were there? Now you can.

If you call Jott and Jott to “Amazon”, then tell it the product you are interested in, it will send you an email of the top 5 results, complete with pricing and customer ratings.

Find out more about Jotting to Amazon.

3. Jott a reminder

Call Jott and Jott to “Reminder”. It will walk you through setting a day and time, and then the text of your reminder. It will then send you an email and a text message 15 minutes before the event. You can also add the reminder directly from the website instead of calling.

Jott4. Jott to a list

On the Jott website, you can create list names. It comes with the default list names of “work” and “home”. You can call Jott and Jott to your list name, and say your item. It will add it to your recurrent list. If you are the type of person who keeps your cell phone on you all the time, this is a fantastic way to keep your grocery list up to date!

There really is only one caveat I have found with Jott so far:

You need to speak clearly and in a quiet place. When I call Jott from my mobile in my car, I have to make sure the radio is off and the windows are up (even if the car isn’t moving, it still picks up ambient noise from outside!). However, that said, I am continued to be impressed by the accuracy of the transcription.

Have you found Jott yet? Are you using it as a result of this article? What other uses have you found for it? Have you done anything creative with it? Add to the recipe below and tell me about it.

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